Yacht Master Ocean Theory

Course Duration

  • 40 hours plus assessments

Recommended Previous Experience:

  • Coastal and offshore sailing

Assumed knowledge:

  • Navigation to Yachtmaster Coastal/Yachtmaster Offshore shorebased standard

Ability after course:

  • Background knowledge to skipper a yacht on ocean passages, understanding how to plan and navigate an ocean passage

Course Overview:

  • Astro - navigation, ocean meteorology and passage planning

Available on demand

RYA YA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory course covers astro navigation, worldwide meteorology and passage planning, and teaches correct use of a sextant. This is the first stage in obtaining the prestigious RYA /MCA Yacht Master Ocean Certificate of Competence.

This course is equally suited to those that aspire to blue water cruising or who just want to learn traditional navigation The course will cover all aspects of ocean navigation with emphasis on the use of astro-navigation and worldwide meteorology.

The recent changes in ocean routeing and weather predictions will be coverd .  Time will be spent discussing the various computer programmes, internet sites and satellite/radio broadcasts available to the modern ocean navigator.

Having successfully passed this shorebased course you will be ready to for an ocean voyage. Upon returning candidates who already hold the RYA/MCA Yacht Master Offshore Certificate of Competence can apply to be examined for the full RYA/MCA Yacht Master Ocean Certificate of Competence.

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