Short Courses

RYA Diesel $350

1 day Course This course was developed by the RYA for those who know very little about mechanics.

The aim is to prevent machinery breakdown at sea and to give you the confidence and knowledge to get going again.

Volunteer marine rescue groups tell us that the main reason they are called out to sail and power driven vessels is simple mechanical failure. As a crew member on a sailing or power driven vessel, this training will extend your maritime skills and enhance your value as a member of the crew.

Note: The course above is provided by Offshore Maritime Training


RYA Radar $350

1 day course Radar is the most versatile of all electronic navigation aids. It can, however, easily mislead those who do not know how to adjust its controls, allow for its limitations or interpret its picture.

The course content was developed by the Royal Yachting Association to meet the needs of small boat operators, both power and sail.

Delivered by qualified radar operators who are experienced deck officers holding internationally recognized maritime qualifications, you will gain “hands on” training in small groups limited to six persons. You will gain the confidence to navigate by radar in conditions of restricted visibility and the knowledge to interpret what you are seeing on your radar screen.

Note: The course above is provided by Offshore Maritime Training

Marine First Aid MFA $350

1 day Course Most yachtsmen and women undertake basic first aid training as a precaution against the inevitable accidents at sea, but in this training we are only taught how to stabilize a patient until the ambulance arrives.

This is usually 11 minutes in a capital city in Australia. At sea off the Queensland coast, as an example, using established Australian search and rescue services, the minimum response time for on/site medivac is three hours.

This training is mandatory for racing yachtsmen and highly recommended for all who venture offshore under power or sail.

Note: The course above is provided by Offshore Maritime Training

STCW10 (includes First Aid MFA) $1990

Five day course:

This training prepares crew for work in the international maritime industry and STCW stands for Standards of Training and Certification for Watch keepers (2010).

This program provides basic sea safety training for all ship’s crew on foreign going vessels and is accredited by the International Maritime Organization thru an accredited IMO national maritime authority.

This course is specifically tailored to crew seeking employment in the global super yacht industry, but is accredited for all basic maritime occupations.

All participants will receive RYA/ and RYA/MCA sea safety certification enabling them to also work on large sailing vessels and participate in the sport of yacht racing globally.

Note: The course above is provided by Offshore Maritime Training.