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Course provided by Pacific Sailing School
Located at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.
Student Instructor ratio: 1 to 8 

Course Duration: Full or part time
Course certificate and materials included
Cost:  $1290 Shorebased Virtual

Course Pack Express posted on booking

RYA Syllabus

RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Theory Course

1. e-learning and Virtual theory course:

The blended e-learning and virtual course includes 16 modules and 4 x 3 hour virtual sessions where you are able able to revisit exercises , ask questions, your instructor can help ensure you are using these skills whenever you are skippering and passage planning for your next adventures.

This unique RYA Day Skipper course is accessable from anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere. If you can log on  to our Sydney time 1800 to 2100 on tuesday evenings  this is the course for you. The course is first class and delivered by our expert Instructors with Wendy Tuck (the only women to win the round the world yacht race as skipper0 delivering the next  course.


Session 1 – Virtual Training

This builds on the skills you have learnt in the first 6 units of the e-learning RYA Day Skipper course. The session will focus on:

  • The practical side of anchoring well and how this works best on different vessels. Understanding how you can use technology to research and choose anchorages and to monitor positions with anchor alarms etc.

  • The safety equipment that is carried on different boats, what you might find on a training vessel, charter vessel, private yacht, new boat post hand over etc.

  • Collision avoidance. Particularly planning for returning home in the dark and how your route planning can become part of your decision making to avoid collisions as well the practical act of stopping/turning etc.

  • Extensive question and answer session with your instructor

Session 2 – Virtual Training

This builds on the skills you have learnt in the navigation units of the e-learning course. The session will focus on:

  • Select which charts to carry, electronic, paper, the number of paper charts, local pilotage books etc. We will use the context of planning a trip to Port Stephens from Sydney on a privately owned boat.

  • Practical understanding of variation and deviation, checking the different compasses on your boat, knowing which one to use if you have different readings on different compasses. This will include a worked example of checking the deviation with a transit line in Sydney Harbour would be great.

  • Exploring when you would use a Course to Steer and when you use an Estimated position. This is a great opportunity to draw on your instructor’s experience and prepare for using these skills on the water.

  • Using the local tidal information that is available on charts of the Whitsundays, Sydney Harbour, Port Stephens and how this differs from East Australian Current information.

  • Worked examples of the trickiest tide questions in the e-learning course so you can interact with your instructor as they go through the demonstrations.

 Session 3 – Virtual Training

This last session takes the building blocks you have learnt through the course and shows you how to use these skills to make the most of your weather forecasting to plan and implement successful passages.

The session will focus on:

  • Interpreting the current weather forecast, understanding the tools available to analyse how accurate this will be, which models are giving the most accurate predictions at this time. Based on the current conditions on the day, how this would be used to plan a trip from Sydney to Port Stephens leaving this coming Friday and returning on Sunday, or when it is next safe to do so.

  • Planning the trip, looking at the pilotage considerations, the bigger picture logistical issues for a private vessel, crew, watches, log keeping, seasickness, food, logging on and off with Marine Rescue etc.

Session 4 – Virtual Review Session (unlimited)

This session to  be agreed with the group at the start of the course.

Review any modules that you wish or join in if you miss a session –  unlimited until you get your certificate.

2. Virtual Only Course

Smash it out over just two weekends – we cover all 16 modules or the RYA Day Skipper Theroy course over the two weekends with an exam midweek on completion.

Recommended Previous Experience:
  • Some practical experience desirable
Assumed knowledge:
  • Essential Navigation and Seamanship
Ability after course:
  • Sufficient knowledge to navigate around familiar waters
  • It is important to complete the theory before the Day Skipper Practical
Course Synopsis

Basic seamanship and introduction to navigation and meteorology. Basic knowledge of lights, weather and IRPCS is also included

  • Enrollment in the Above & Beyond Boating RYA Day Skipper shorebased e-learning course
  • Express posted training materials that include – RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Course Notes, RYA Training Alamanc and RYA Chart 3 and 4.
  • Navigators tools –  Pencil, eraser, plotter, dividers
  • 4 x 3 hour virtual training sessions
  • Call PSS and book now

The RYA Day Skipper course is a comprehensive introduction to chart-work, navigation, meteorology and the basics of seamanship. Invaluable for learning how to start making decisions on board and if you are considering taking the Day Skipper practical course Students are taught the basics of coastal and inshore navigation and pilotage including chart-work, position fixing, plotting a course to steer, weather forecasting, a knowledge of tides and the International Regulations for Prevention of Collision at Sea. The first time you will be able to safely navigate to a new destination. As well as navigation the RYA Day Skipper shore based course will give you an understanding of safety procedures such as distress calls, use of flares, safety harnesses, life jackets and life-rafts.