Beginners Class

Marine Radio

Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (LROCP)

Short Range Operator Certificate of proficiency (SROCP)

The candidate will be required to:

  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of GMDSS sub-systems and equipment which is appropriate to vessels operating in Australian waters on which a radio installation is not compulsory under international agreements.
  • Specifically, MF/HF and VHF radiotelephony equipment with digital selective calling (DSC) facilities, and emergency position indicating radio beacons of the 406 MHz type.
  • Demonstrate an ability to use MF/HF and VHF radiotelephony and digital selective calling (DSC) operating procedures, particularly those relating to distress, urgency and safety
  • Demonstrate an understanding of simple maintenance practices required to keep the marine radio equipment specified in (1) in good working order, including the repair of minor faults
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the regulations applicable to ship stations equipped with radiotelephony and digital selective calling facilities
  • Practical

What you will learn: General

  • Ship Station Operators
  • Use of Ships Radio Station
  • Coast and Limited Coast Station
  • Coast Station
  • Limited Coast Stations
  • VHF Marine Repeaters
  • Operating Procedures for Routine Communication
  • General information
  • Routine Calling and Replying
  • Procedures for Radio telephony
  • Watchkeeping
  • Distress, Urgency and Safety
  • Radiotelex Service
  • Priority Calls
  • Alarm Signals
  • Distress Communication
  • Urgency and Safety Signals
  • Digital Selective Calling Communications
  • General information
  • Public Correspondence Communications
  • Radiotelegram Service
  • VHF Radiotelephone Direct Dialing
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons
  • Care and maintenance of EBIRBs
  • General information
  • 406 MHz EBIRBs
  • Search and Rescue in Australia
  • General information
  • Marine Radio Communication Equipment
  • Types of Marine Radio Equipment
  • Radio Propagation
  • Component Parts of Marine Radio Equipment
  • Care and Maintenance of Lead Acid batteries
  • Faults on Marine Radio Equipment

Course fee: $450 plus $85 paid directly to AMC for the Licence

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