Join Terry, Brian and Simon

Croatian Discovery from 24 Aug to 07 Sept 2019


Mooring/Berthing Fees

We try to avoid marinas where there is a lot of traffic and ferries. In the National Parks we should expect to be approached for overnight mooring fees. The fees on average are approximately Aus$15-25 per night. The highlight of our trips is finding anchorages that are remote with maybe one or two restaurants.


As everyone flies in at different times transfers to/from the airport are not included.

Security Bond

It is normal to pay a security bond which is totally refunded at the end of the trip if there is no damage to the vessel. This is shared equally amongst the crew and is payable by credit card at the base prior to departure.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend you take out travel insurance.

Food and Drinks

We like to enjoy restaurants ashore most evenings with the occasional barbecue on board or on a remote beach.  I suggest we each put in about Aus 300 to cover drinks and happy hour on board and occasional meals and mooring fees.  If we need to top up we do and if any euro is left in kitty it is returned to everyone on board. Spirits or expensive wine is at your own cost and non-drinkers should not have to contribute to alcohol.


Suggested Route